Reverse Engineering

Have an old worn out screw and barrel and need a new one?

We can make you a replacement component from your old part. We will take the dimensions from your existing part and change any worn dimensions back to new factory specifications.

Of course we can also change the geometry to process a new polymer, increase the output or increase/decrease mixing characteristics etc.

We can rebuild the components back to factory specifications.

Other examples of modifications that can we made. Such as adding screw cooling, increase or decrease L/D (length diameter) ratios, turn segmented screws into solid screws, and add removable tips.

Feed screw flight depths can be made deeper or welded up and made shallower. Compression ratios can be changed,

Mixing sections can be modified to increase or decrease mixing action. Mixing sections can be installed or removed.

Static mixers can be installed.

Extruders can be vented by adding a vent holes in barrels and designing two stage screws. Venting can be eliminated by plugging barrel vent holes.

Feed housing throats can be increased in size.

Pressure gauge holes and thermocupples holes can be installed in the barrel.

Barrels with internal jacketing, outside diameter grooved for cooper tubing utilizing water or oil cooling or heating can be redesigned to eliminate these. Aluminum cast cooling/heating bandscan be installed.

We are not the kind of company always trying to sell new screws or barrels, because it is easier sale and we can make more money. We realize in this economy all options must be considered.