Screw Design & Process Debugging

Jim Frankland is a recognized expert in all types of single screw extrusion with 44 years of practical extrusion experience. He has designed over 10,000 screws in his career covering every process with sizes ranging from ½" to 23.6". Designs include barrier screws, wave type, multi-stage, grooved feed, crammer fed, special mixing designs and dual diameters. His background extends to all aspects of extrusion trouble shooting including down stream equipment, extruder design, energy efficiency, polymer specifics and die design. Before retiring and becoming an independent consultant he worked for General Tire Plastics, Arco Polymers, Uniloy, New Castle Industries and Milacron. He served continuously on the Extrusion Division Board of Directors for over 35 years is a Fellow of the Society, and Honored Service Member and received the Bruce Maddocks award for his contributions to single screw extrusion.