Extrusion screw plating

Most extrusion screws if plated are hard chrome plated. Electroless and electric nickel plating is sometimes used for corrosive applications
Benefits of Hard Chrome:
Extremely hard. 70 RC
Very good adhesion
Can be applied to a variety of steels.
Excellent abrasive resistance
Process temperature is low.
Special anodes makes sure plating if applied evenly to most screw material flow ares.
High metal-to-metal sliding wear resistance;
Bright, attractive finish;
Low coefficient of friction

As well as extrusion screws we also plate extrusion and injection tooling.
Such as Spiders, Mandrels, Bushings, Adapters, Foam core tooling, Sizing sleeves, Dies, Molds & Pipe tooling to 16"

For severe applications visit Flite Techonolgy Root Coating.