What Is a Plastic Extrusion Operator?

A plastic extrusion operator forms everyday products from raw plastic with specially set machinery, reports Careers.org. Attention to detail and years of experience can make for a successful career within the plastics industry.

Molding plastics requires constant attention to the output of the plastic molding machine, ensuring that the engineering proportions are within the calibrated range. Furthermore, dials and controls must be adjusted accordingly for high pressures and flow of the material for maximum productivity.

Plastic extrusion operators can expect to make between $12.21 and $16.92 per hour, according to the website Payscale. Keep in mind that operators with many years of experience can be paid more for their expertise in this plastic molding art.

Aside from monitoring the plastic molding machine, operators must be in constant communication with their supervisors for any changes in output, or possibly engineering adjustments to the dimensions of the product. Any minute change can affect the product's final form dramatically.

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