In Plant Services

Barrel Bore Scoping

Need a barrel installed? Have unusual screw and barrel wear

Read an article on Bore scoping: Know How and Bore scoping an extruder.

Wear inspection on site

Prints made on site

On-Site Inspection and Bore Scoping

If you are losing valuable production due to screw wear, barrel wear or barrel misalignment, or are concerned about the down time that results from sending parts out for inspection, we have a simple and cost-effective solution. Let us send one of our certified technicians to your facility to conduct an on-site inspection. You'll save time, money, and minimize disruption to your production schedule.
Preventive Maintenance inspections/services.

Extruder installations, change outs, rigging, leveling and assembly.

Extruder trouble shooting and maintenance.

Extruders checked out mechanically and electrically.

New control cabinets and panels per your requirements.

Extruders rebuilt and modified.

Gearcase (box) rebuilding. Gear ratio changes.

New improved cooling systems. Reline feed sections.

Drives, motors and heaters, replaced and repaired.

Cooling and heating state-of-the-art conversions, water to air. Inefficient air systems upgraded.

Reduce operating costs, energy costs, easier access to heaters, T/Cs .

Reduce down time. Extend operating life, improved barrel temperature control.